Let us see if we should ask our kids to follow his example.

Though muhammad was mostly non-violent in mecca, but that was not his true nature. He behaved that way because he was in minority and he was powerless there. He had no other choice but to appear non-violent. Though he did give us a hint about his opportunistic nature by marrying an rich old widow for her money.
In the first and the most authentic biography “sirat rasul allah”, written in medina 1300 years ago, the auther ibn ishaq recorded that when muhammad moved to medina and gained power he became extremely violent and intolerant. he showed no mercy to any of his critic. He sent assassins to kill his opponents and critics. He sent raiding parties to rob meccan carvans. He sent military expeditions against peaceful pagan tribes. He tortured those who disobeyed him.

Eliminating his opponents and critics by assassination and raids became the “modus oprendi” of muhammad’s policy in medina to take over Arabian peninsula. Following are only few of those atrocities committed by Muhammad or by his followers.

1-muslims had no source of income, so he sent raiding parties to rob meccan carvans in order to have some income, and asked his followers to split the booty (including women) from carvans among themselves after they had paid him a 20% share in the loot ( Sura 8:41 / 8:68 / 8:69).

2-He allowed his men to have sex with the captured female prisoners, or sell them in the market, or trade them with other soldiers. No nikah was needed as they were considered part of the booty. he even claimed in sura 4:03, 4:24 and sura 33:50 that the slave girls and captured women were their property, that their right hand possessed. he himself was an active participent, and accepted female captives as part of his share of booty and had sex with those poor souls.

3-He carried out more than 100 military campaigns against peaceful pagan arab tribes without any provocation to force them accept him as prophet. He took part in 78 of those battles, called ghazwats.

4-Though he allowed his followers to have 4 women, he did not confine himself to this rule. He produced a sura 33:50 to allow himself to accept any number of women who offered themselves to him as Hiba or gift. No nikah or dowry was needed.

5-He expelled jewish tribes of banu qanooqa and banu nadir from medina and grabbed their lands, houses and properties.

6-He slaughtered 900 men of jewish tribe of banu qureza, accusing them of conspiring with meccans, sold their women and children into slavery and bought weapons with that money ( sirat rasul allah, by ibn ishaq, page 466,). He also produced sura 33:25-26-27 to give divine sanctions to this barbaric act. Muhammad later asked saad bin zayd al-ansari to take banu-qureza women and children to Najad to sell them in the slave market and buy weapons and horses with that money. After slaughtering the entire tribe he took chief’s wife “Rehana” to bed same night without giving her time to mourn the deaths of her family members.

7-When he was returning from mecca, where he was not allowed to perform hajj and was forced to sign the treaty of hudaibah, he decided to attack banu nadir at khaybar without any provocation. This was the same jewish tribe whom he had expelled from medina few years ago. The reason for the attack was to uplift the morale of his soldiers, who were feeling depressed for not being able to perform Hajj and who felt betrayed by muhmmad for signing the treaty of hudiabah. The treaty was a moral victory for meccans.

8-When he attacked banu nadir at khaybar he slaughtered most the male members of tribe and took their women as booty. Though the chief’s wife, safia was captured by a soldier; he offered two women to that soldier in exchange for safia as soon as he heard about her beauty. He took safiya to the bed same night without giving her time to mourn the deaths of her family and clan.

9-He ordered the torture of kinana ibn rafi, the chief and the treaserer of the tribe to force him to disclose the hidden treasure. His men set fire on his chest to torture him. When kinana still refused to disclose, Muhammad ordered his henchman abu-muslama to cut his head off. Kinana by the way was the husband of safiya, whome Muhammad took to bed after killing her husband & entire family.

10-Aisha was only 6 when he married her. She was only 9 when Muhammad took her to bed. Aisha was only 18 when Muhammad died. Just before his death he produced a mdae to order sura to forbid his widows from remarrying after his death. Just imagine what kind of hell aisha may have gone through for the next 40 years. How horrible it must have been for a young girl to live single in those days. He not only stole her childhood, he stole her youth too. In fact he completely ruined her life. Many of his other widows may have gone through the same hell as they were in their prime age at the death of Muhammad.

11-After seeing his daughter-in-law, Zainab, scantly dressed, and passing a remark about her beauty, Muhammad created a situtation where his son, zaid bin harith, had no choice but to divorce his wife so that Muhammad could marry her. And marry he did. he also produced 2 made to order suras (33:36-37) to justify and give divine sanction to his marriage with daughter-in-law.

12-When a woman came to him for advice whether she should allow a guy to fix her house in the absence of husband. He advised her to suckle the guy from her breast few times and then let him fix the house. According to Muhammad the guy will become the family member once the woman lets him suck on her breast few times. Guys, what do you think of this? Is this something a normal person would advise.

13-When a woman came to Muhammad to complain about her husband who had beaten her, he immediately produced sura 4:34 to justify the beating.

14-One evening when Hafsa bint omar returned from her parent’s house, she found muhammad in bed with her coptic maid, Mary.
she got very upset. Muhammad promised her he would not do it again and asked her 
to keep it a secret. But Hafsa told it to all the 22 women of his harem. All of them rebelled against him. Muhammad immediately produced 5 made to oder suras (66:1-5) to scare them with punishment in hell and bring them into line.

15-Famous writer Ali dashti of iran, described in his book ” 23 years”, that Muhammad maintained a harem of 22 women in medina, including wives, concubines, slave girls, the girls captured in the battle and the girls who offered themselves to him as Hiba ( sura 33:50). Other sources say he had as many as 37 women in his harem.

16-When someone mentioned him a comment from one of his followers that he would marry one of muhammad’s widows after Muhammad died, Muhammad immediately produced a made to order sura to forbid anyone from marrying his widows.

17-He allowed his men to marry cousins. The modern science has now proved that children, born to parents who are cousins, have 13 times more probability to carry RGD ( Recessive Genetic Disorder) than the children born to the parents who are not related.

18-He also allowed his men to divorce their wives at will just by saying “I divorce you”, 3 times. Wives do not have that privilege.

List of assassinations and toture of critics and opponents by muhammad:

A-muhammad sent assassin salim bin umayr to kill jewish poet abu afaq.

B-muhammad sent assassin abdullah bin rawaha to kill abu al-yusyr.

C-muhammad sent assassin abdullah bin unays to kill khalid bin sufyan.

D-muhammad sent assassins to kill sallam ibn abul-huqayq.

E- Muhammad ordered the torture of kinana ibn rafi, the chief and the treaserer of the banu-nadir tribe to force him to disclose the hidden treasure. His men set fire on his chest to torture him. When kinana still refused to disclose, Muhammad ordered his henchman abu-muslama to cut his head off.

F-when jewish poetess asma bint marwan wrote a poem to show her displeasure at the murder of 120 year old poet abu afaq at the hands of muhammad’s assassins, muhammad sent assassin umayr ibn adiy to kill jewish poetess asma bint marwan for just writing a poem against him. She was killed while she was sleeping in her tent surounded by her kids. One of the kids was sucking on the breast.

G-umm qirfa ( fatima d. rabia b. badar ) of the tribe banu fazara from wadi’ al-qura was a very respected elderly woman, but She was opposed to muhammad’s claim of prophethood. 
Muhammad also did not like fact that a woman could be the head of the clan, so he sent his adopted son, Zayed bin Harith, to take care of her. Zayed ambushed her clan, slaughtered most the clan’s members and took her as a prisoner. Commander zayed then ordered Qays B. Al-musahhar to kill her crually. Qays tied her leg and arm on each side to a camel and drove both camels in opposite direction, therby tearing her body apart.
Her severed head was carried to medina and paraded at the tip of spear on the streets on the orders of Muhammad as a warning to the people that islam does not approve a woman as a clan chief.
“sirat rasul allah” / page 664-665, by ibn ishaq, written in medina 1300 years ago, english edition recently printed in pakistan.

H-when members of urayna (ukle) tribe, who had come to medina to embrace islam, complained about feeling sick and were told to rest in the al-harra valley outside medina. when they got better they stole the camels, killed the shepherd and ran away with camels. Muhammad sent the posse after them to bring them back to medina. Muhammad then had their hands and feet cut off and their eyes gauged as a punishment for renouncing islam and rejecting him as prophet. He then let them die on the hot desert sand with thirst and pain.
all this information has been taken from “sirat rasul allah”, by ibn ishaq, written in medina 1300 years ago. Its english translation has recently been printed in Pakistan. Later biographers of Muhammad sanitized the story and turned him into a victim.

“Religion is the biggest vacuum cleaner ever sold to the people by the people to rip off people”. 

Zulfiqar tareen, a friend of all, enemy of none.
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1-islam demeaned, degraded, and subjugated women for eternity.

2-Muhammad claimed in sura 4:34 that men have advantatage over women in knowledge, and reason, and also because men spend their money on them. that is why allah prefers men over women.

3-Muhammad further claimed in sura 4:34 that men are incharge to discipline women and keep them in check. In case any woman is suspected of being disobedient, the follower should give her a warning, stop sleeping with her and finally beat her. but if she starts obeying then he should beat her no more, which also means keep beating her untill she obeys.

4-Muhammad claimed in sura 2:282 that the two female witnesses are equal to on male witness.

5-Muhammad gave women the share in inheritance half of that of son’s share, sura 4:11/4:12/4:176

6-Muhammad gave men right to divorce just by saying 3 times the words ” i divorce you”. while women had to file for khula, which is a request for divorce. the husband still has the ultimate right to accept or deny that request or khula.

7-Muhammad allowed men to marry up to 4 women if they treat them equally, and divorce any of them or all of them at will with or without any reason; and without any consequenses.

8-Muhammad allowed his followers to maintain harems full of young women. the harems included wives, and slave girls, sura 4:03/4:24/33:50.

8a-To further please their followers and increase their ranks sunnis came out with the idea of misyar marriage where you can temprarily marry any girl anywhere, and as many girls as you can afford without any permanent resposibility. misyar marriage is automatically dissolved when contract expires, but husband can also dissolve misayr at any time. he does have to pay an agreed amount to his misyar wife at the time of signing the contract. she does not get anything else when misyar marriage is unilaterally dissolved by husband. wife has not right to dissolve misyar.

8b-fearing to be outdone, outwited, out-smarted, and outgunned by sunnis my shia brothers came out with extreme form of misyar called Muta. where everthing is similar to misyar. but muta is easier than misyar. you can marry a girl for an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year or more. when you marry a girl for an hour and you walk out of the room after performing the duties of the husband, your marriage is autamatically dissolved and no sin is committed by you. this was the only reason all most all the nawabs in british india converted to shia.
but the purpose of both, misyar and muta, was and still is to provide and facilitate the lust of rich and powerful, and to lure the general masses to join their sect.

8c-while the sunni govts. are trying to abolish the practice of marrying babygirls, the shia govt. of iran is encouraging it. it recently passed the law that says a husband required to have parents’ permission to marry a girl under the age of 9, but no permission is necessary if the girl is over the age of 9.

9-Muhammad himself set the example of harems. he had between 22 to 37 women in his harem depending which hadith you believe.

10-Muhammad allowed his followers to marry baby girls. muhammad himself set the example by marrying a 6 year old baby aisha, and sleeping with her when she was only 9.

11-Muhammad allowed his followers to buy and sell slaves, have sex with slave girls without any responsibility or committment, and take female captives after the battle as booty and have sex with them, sell them in the market, or trade them with other soldiers.

12-due to this demonic and discriminatory sharia laws women in islamic countries are still being subjugated, abused, and exploited.

13-muhammad himself set the example of violence. he sent the assassins to kill his critics. he sent raiding praties to rob meccan carvans and asked his men to distribute the loot among themselves after they had paid muhammad 20% share in the loot. he waged wars against pagan tribes without any provocation. Please read the first biography “sirat rasul allah”, by ibn ishaq, written in medina 1300 years ago.

14-he sent armies to attack roman lands without any provocation. His followers maintained his policies and soon invaded, and conqured romanlands, persian lands, Afghanistan, and india, and subjugated their inhabitants, destroyed their culture, their languages, their religions, and their worshipping places.

15-the example of violence that he set for his followers has turned them into violent followers ever since. they learned the violence so well that they slaughtered muhammad’s family at karbala. They now find themselves totally incapable of resolving any dispute by negotiations. all they know is violence, violence, and violence.

17-In their mad drive of spreading islam by force his followers invaded countries, waged wars, slaughtered innocent, destroyed civilizations, and capturing women as booty along the way. they have not realized yet that the world has moved forward and the religion has become secondry in peopole’s lives. in fact science has made the god and the religion irrelevent to our daily lives. 
Can someone explain this to muslims, please. think critically, 
zulfiqar tareen, a friend of all, enemy of none.