Is Allah a Moon God? Is Adam & Eve a scientific reality?


Wrong word use “Sky God” !

Sky means some thing is up there … 
while the scientific study tells us that there is no concept of Up or Down .. right or left in the universe.. 

its simply huge.. 

So by Definition God is some one who is the creator of every other creation. therefore it is illogical to assume that God is some thing imaginable and can be comprehended by its own creation !

If a Creation having created by a creator is able to understand the Creator.. then sooner or later the Creation will learn the secrets of Creation and will eventually create another Creator powerful then the one who created it.

simply speaking.. if you believe in some creator then it is a must then to imagine him as the creator of time, space, energy, waves, material and beginning and nothingness, negative infinity and positive infinity.

We Muslims bow down and submit ourselves to such a Creator defined by the words above.

Islam begins with “La illaha Illalah”

i.e. if you are being asked to believe some human, some stone, some sun, moon, star, as a GOD.. then simply do not believe.. cuz they are all themselves CREATIONS !!

and a creation should not bow to another creation !

this whole concept was revealed in short for understanding of every one as dumb as bush and as intelligent as einstein

Say God is ONE <universal message>
God is Creator of Every Creation <Scientific Definition>
He neither begets nor is born,<Judaism and Christianity refuted>
There is nothing like HIM ! <polytheism refuted>
(Quran 112)


Accusation: The Moon God 
“Allah” is from the compound Arabic word “al-ilah” or in english “the god”. Allah was known before Muhammad’s time without a doubt. His name has been found in pre-islamic writings and other archeological finds. At the Kabah in Mecca over 350 gods were worshipped, but it was built especially for the chief deity – the moon god. Allah was the personal title of the moon god. Allah was married to the sun goddess. They produced three daughters, whose worship Muhammad would later make the mistake of condoning. The crescent moon symbol of Arabia came from this god.


Allah was the name when Adam was sent to earth !
Allah was the name Jesus christ cried for on the cross

ew American Standard Bible (©1995)
About the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “ELI, ELI, LAMA SABACHTHANI?” that is, “MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?”

Word Allah in Hindu Scriptures

Translation: Accept Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah as an example to be followed.
Again in Uttarayan Vedas:

” La Ilha Harti Papam
Illa Ilaha Param Padam
Janma Baikuntha Par Aup-inuti
Janpi Namo Muhammadam”

This verifies that the ISLAM is right. The basic message “GOD IS ONE” was given to man kind and all the scriptures came from a single source.

ALLAH sent 124,000 prophets and messengers to every tribe .. but later the mankind altered the words for their own wordly benefits.

If ALLAH is a Moon God why will it call MOON as its own slave ?

“”Allah is He, who created the sun, the moon, and the stars (all) governed by laws under His commandment.” (7:54)”

Totally refuted !


Typical Accusation:

Adam is a fictional character.
It came from hindu mythology.
Adam and eve in hinduism are called manu and shradha.hinuism is is 5000 year old.
Jews copied them in their book and called them adam and eve. muhammad copied from jews and christians.
Religion is a garabge of human mind


Adam and Eve the first pair created by GOD and send to earth..

They put their first steps in India !

then they had children.. and grand children…. and 1000 years after..
with no paper no books .. only generation to generation transfer of their stories..
their name got changed.. 
but the concept remained..

“Adam and Eve had children. They spread out to the corners of the Earth, each carrying the story with them. Their names over time were changed into the language of the people.
Eve is mentioned in Hinduism as Havyavati and is considered to be consort of Adhama. In Hinduism Eve is the child of Vishnu-Kardama and will increase the generations of mlecchas.
Buddhists frown upon asking about the origins of life. They believe in reincarnation so Adam and Eve or the equivalent are not really important to them.



The Mitochondrial DNA is the same double helical as all other DNA. The 
uniqueness is the location – outside of the nucleus. When an egg is fertilized inside the 
woman’s womb, the sperm provides 23 chromosomes that enter through the cell wall and 
into the nucleus to join with the 23 chromosomes in the egg, creating 23 pairs. Outside 
of the 23 chromosomes from the sperm, the rest of the egg and all of it ingredients are 
produced by the woman. This means that 99.99% of the Mitochondrial DNA is inherited 
from the mother only. Since the Mitochondrial is only inherited from one person, there is 
never any genetic mixing. In other words, the Mitochondrial DNA from the mother is 
passed on to all her children, and the father has nothing to do with this. Therefore, if we 
were to read the Mitochondrial DNA code of our brothers and sisters, they would have 
the exact same code. But when we realize that our mother inherited the Mitochondrial 
DNA from her mother, our maternal grandmother, then all the descendents from her 
would have the same Mitochondrial DNA, meaning not just our brothers and sisters, but 
all of our cousins. We could continue back to our maternal great grandmother, and 
realize that the Mitochondrial DNA is passed on to our second cousins as well. This can 
continue back through the 3rd, 4th5th generations and farther until we find a common 

In other words, we can read the code of the Mitochondrial DNA and determine 
if we are related or not. The expectation of this study in the 1980’s expected to find 
many family trees, possibly explaining the different races. The study read Mitochondrial 
DNA from the placentas of a sample of women from all continents and races. Late in 
1987, the results were published and the conclusions amazing. Although, there were 
minor mutations, the evidence clearly pointed to a single ancestor from which the entire 
human race descended. They named this woman, Mitochondrial Eve, the mother of all 

Scientific Reference