Busting of the Myth: Islam and Muslims are Anti-Social and Anti-Feminist !


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I recently found out that one of Pakistani actress “Aisha Omer” wore a t-shirt in a media drama serial insulting the Noble Jihad. I created the above mentioned artifact to condemn this. Jihad is a noble war in which every Muslim is religiously bound to participate, if any foreign aggressor attacks a Muslim land or tries to kill Muslims.  Jihad does not mean suicide bombings on innocent civilians. while in the battlefields, where enemy forces are much larger in number and posses much larger destructive force, then it is only allowed to commit suicide attack a the last line of defense.

I received following criticism from a ex- christian Atheist lady, and during the conversation, some important points came into light, which are as follows.


screw religion – B (.)(.)BS


you won’t get a buyer for your stuff here ! Amira Khalil go to west where you will be appreciated for such a sale !


 I’m not even Muslim and yes I’m American, from the west!

I’m also not looking for a buyer! By the way, are you planning a jihad on all the Hindus and Christians in Pakistan? What is your view on freedom of religion?


Christians and Hindus living in pakistan are termed as ‘Zimis’ in islamic Jurispudence 
Zimis have all the rights of a Muslim Civillian except that 

1. State can not not choose Zimis as Khalifa (Highest Representative of Muslims)

2. They can freely practice their religion in their places of worship and homes can celebrate their holy days but can not use state media to preach their religion to muslims ( they can however debate with eminent scholars of muslims in controlled settings)

3. They no not pay Zakkat (The obligatory charity 2.5% of the income to be distributed among the poor regardless of the religion of the subject)

except the above conditions, 

They are equal to muslims in every EVERY respect.

if we will plan a “JIHAD inside an already Islamic state” .. then we should plan it against the corrupt government leaders instead of non Muslims .. leaders who have looted 97 billion dollars worth of wealth of this nation and put in the foreign swiss accounts !.. leaders who have literally done nothing for the poor masses .


So let me ask, what do boobs have to do with this? and why is it your business how women dress?


We follow islam and islam teaches us to create a society where

Women should be judged based 

on their Education, Loyality, Honor in academic and religious circles, Piousness, intellect, abilities to raise good children, their nobility, and Haya (counterpart in english not known to me) !

instead of

their physical adornments. 

We want to encourage lawful marrital relationships and strong family system and we want to discourage illegal extra marital relationships, rapes, and sexual harrasments.

Since it is the human nature, that it gets attracted to physical appearance more then the inner beauty of a human, therefore if media is left uncontrolled and un-sensored (the capitalistic approach) then it would eventually jump to the shortcuts i.e. women exploitation. 

we want the advertisement companies to present the core functions and quality standards of their products rather then using the short cut… Showing a half naked woman in the bikini !!

In islam we term it as Women exploitation.. the Easy way to make money.

 take for example.. 

if a man is a poor, has many kids to raise and take care of, but his wife is ugly !

but when such a man watches TV where he is exposed to white beautiful women in bikinis, then it is natural that the man would want to get her .. 

dreaming of getting her or touch her is not that bad.. but the problem starts, when he starts misbehaving with his ugly wife.. and unconciously starts mistreating her and not loving her the way she deserve for her loyality and sincerity.

thus.. this man would try to spend more time out and less time with his wife and children !

he may adopt several ways

1. either go to prostitute and thus.. encourage prostitution..
2. either will try to lure some innocent girl by telling her lie that he is not married and will play with her virginity
3. go for another marriage
4. will make extra marital relationship
5. comit rapes or will engage in sexually abusing behavior with his female collegues at office environemnt or neighbourhood
5. or simply tolerate

in order to save family systems and to increase faith and loyality among the married couples and in order to BOUND THE MUSLIM MEN to seek pleasures only from their beloved loyal and faithful wives 

such conditions and restrictions should be implemented.

WHICH SEEMS AGAINST WOMEN FROM THE FACE VALUE but in fact are to control men and their lusty desires !

in most of the world you will witness the fact there gorgeous looking women are always in minority and majority is full of ordinary looking women. Similarly extra good looking men are far less as compared to ordinary looking ones.

If this minority is given permission to lure away the masses and to play with their desires, the society will eventually gets morally corrupted and it will get difficult to maintain family systems.

possible outcomes

1. High divorce rates
2. higher degree of satisfaction in the married couples
3. Higher sexual crimes rates
4. innocence of children loss at the early stage
5. lesser people seeking knowledge and more people indulging into useless time-wasting more-then-required entertainment activities. 
6. boys will spend majority of their time in sexually attracting the opposite sexes
7. and women will waste a lot of useful time in greed of being more and more beautiful and getting more attention from the opposite sexes 
8. Lesser productive work and more damages.

and most importantly,

Why 6 years old Girls wants to be sexy ??

we as a muslims are just on the earth for a temporary period. Our Duty is to please ALLAH who will entertain us in his never-ending paradise. We have been asked to live lesser for ourselves and more for others.

we want to stay between the extremes of socialism and capitalism.. both systems are bound to collapse. Americans already suffered the great depression and they now gradually moving towards another one.. higher un employment rates and recession and money crisis are prime indicators.

Dr. Michu Kaku (einstein of the 21st century)
revealing the fact that the major credit of science and development in the U.S. goes to the students from foreign countries .. pointing out the fact that local students do not persue higher studies of engineering and medicine rather they go to areas in Arts and Culture.


you have already checked

we want to bring a system which even has solution for United States which it is looking for these days..

90,000 rapes in U.S. in just 2008

Source: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=565370380155468&set=a.541471629212010.143611.531054120253761&type=1&theater

Conclusion ???

in Pakistan the root of all crimes is POVERTY, INCOMPETENT GOVERMENT, LAW AND ORDER and SEXUAL EXPLOITATION of women
and in U.S.A .. its excessive SEXUAL EXPLOITATION of women !

we can take model of governance from U.S.A ..but which itself has some flaws.. 

Pakistan and USA both need solutions .. 
ISLAM offers for both.