Mohammad (pbuh) was afraid of Solar Eclipse


A message to muslim brothers/sisters: 
Solar eclipse explained by muhammad:
There are 23 ahadiths ( volume-2, book-18, ahadith 150-162 ) in sahih bukhari regarding solar eclipse. All these ahadiths describe in detail that muhammad was so terrified to see solar eclipse that he would run to the mosque along with his followers and offer prayers for an extended period of time. Once he spent so much time in ‘ruku” that one of his followers collapsed on the floor. He would only come out of the mosque when the solar eclipse was over. 
conclusion: Muhammad obviously did not know that solar eclips happens when moon comes in between sun and earth. He believed that eclipse was some kind of wrath from the ghost in the sky. Think critically.
zulfiqar tareen, a friend of all, enemy of none.


Another fine example of how Mr. Zulfiqar twists the facts and tries hard to find ‘errors’ in ISLAM : ))


When the Holy prophet pbuh’s 18 month years old son ‘Ibrahim’ died the holy prophet was crying and mourning and his companions were also crying for their prophet being sad, then a Sun Eclipse happened and the companions murmuring with themselves sky is also mourning for the prophet being sad, the holy prophet that heard these things went to the mosque and explained such events are the signs of power of Allah and not for death of people, then committed Ayaat (Sign) Prayer and since then the Ayaat Prayer became obligatory.

Compiled Points

1. Prophet Mohammed pbuh said when ever you see such unusual events, offer prayer and ask forgiveness from ALLAH. it is just a common sense. I really feel stupid trying to explain this

2. Prophet Mohammed pbuh could have attributed the solar eclipse to the death of his son and tried to market it as a miracle.. but instead he told his followers that this was not due to death of his son but because of ALLAH’s will. 

3. Muslims already offer 5 times a day .. if the Prophet mohammed asked his followers to offer prayer when see such unusual event, what much difference does it make?

4. Neither prophet mohammed was a scientist nor a magical witch ! He as a messenger.. he told and forwarded what he was asked for. what knowledge he delivered was what God sent him and asked for. on many occasions he said “I am nothing but a human messenger and bondsman of ALLAH”

Please try some better next time.